Driver Improvement Clinic/RADEP

Driver Improvement classes are for drivers who are sent by a judge (the court systems), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV),  or volunteering for +5 safe driving points to be added to their driving record. Walk-ins are welcomed for this course.

Reckless/Aggressive Driver Education Program (RADEP) is a 12-hour program that consists of two parts. Part I must be completed before Part II for successful completion of RADEP.
Part I: A 4-hour Virginia reckless/Aggressive driver education session that focuses on topics such as reckless/aggressive driving and behaviors, road rage and time/frustration management via Zoom Instruction.
Part II: A traditional 8-hour Virginia driver improvement program to follow after Part I is completed (in-person). RADEP students are not eligible for any 8-hour online driver improvement course. Each component of the 12 hour program must be completed with A Metropolitan Driving School.

Classes are held at 4860 Cox Road, Suite 200, Office 212, Glen Allen, VA, 23060

You may register by calling (804)-329-3298 for details. Pre-registration and payment required for RADEP students only. See calendar tab for details.